Ryan Lochte Tied The knot With Kayla Rae Reid Once Again

Ryan Lochte Tied The knot With Kayla Rae Reid Once Again

An International Olympic Swimmer, Ryan Lochte tied the knot with the Former playboy model, Kayla Rae Reid.

A source confirmed that the married couple exchanged their vows once again in Palm Springs, California. The couple had already exchanged their vows in January in Gainseville, Fla. As per reports of The People, The couple’s 15 year old son Caiden Zane Lochte served as a ring bearer at the wedding ceremony of his parents.

The wedding ceremony was reportedly done among 100 of the couples nearest family and friends. Reportedly, they did the wedding for the second time so that their 15 year old son could take part in it and have bigger role in the wedding ceremony.

The olympic swimmer said to THE PEOPLE, “Since we had Caiden, we both wanted him to be a part of [our wedding] in some way.” And The former playboy model added, “We wanted Caiden to be old enough to walk down the aisle. One of our visions was to have him be able to be the ring bearer, so it’s perfect timing!”

Recently, Ryan Lochte had also been suspended by USADA (U.S Anti Doping Agency) after he posted a photo on his Instagram Account in May 2018.

In the photo Ryan was seen injecting with an yellow liquid. He referred the liquid as vitamins. The photo has been deleted from his Instagram Account.

But the seemingly normal picture of the athlete attracted the attention of US Anti Doping Agency (USADA). The photo seemed suspicious for them which made them to investigate on this matter. It led the 6 time olympic gold medalist swimmer to be banned for 14 months till July 2019.

After the investigation USADA authorities reported that the yellow liquid that the 33 year old injected was not any illegal drug or substance but it is strictly restricted to consume more than the standard units i.e 100 ml just during a 12 hour period of time. He was reported to have consumed more than that.

The couple first married in January, 2018 after they got engaged in October, 2016.

Congratulations Happy Couple!

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