Pro star Katya and Seann Walsh were caught snogging in the street on Wednesday night

Pro star Katya and Seann Walsh were caught snogging in the street on Wednesday night

Wife of Neil Jones (Pro star, Katya, 29) was caught kissing with Seann Walsh at the London pub at night out. This break the silence of Neil Jones when her was pictured kissing with her co-star.

After the report of kissing pictured of her wife and her co-star, Katya’s husband Neil post in an Instagram that his wife and Sean were embracing on a London pub at night out.

Katya’s husband Neil is a professional dancer. And he was proud to have her wife in social media said by Neil in his instagram post as” “Wow last nights @bbcstrictly week was really epic and I’m really proud of @mrs_katjones and @seannwalsh Paso Doble”

Russian dancer, Katya, 29, wife of Neil who was caught kissing with Seann, 32 was ex- boyfriend of actress Rebecca Humphries. They were in relationship for five years.

But this year professional dancer Katya and comedian Seann both were partnered in the show. As per onlookers they both were kissing snogging without giving any damn care to others. And around midnight on Wednesday they forget to take the duke of York in Marylebone in Central London said by one of the witness.

Katya and her husband Neil have just celebrated their five years anniversary together. At their fifth year marriage anniversary, Katya share a throwback photo of herself and her husband during holiday to Havana, Cuba.

Katya met Neil Jones in 2008 and married him in 2013. She is a great British dancer who regularly participate in group dance. At BBC she works as a professional who has not partnered up in celebrity.

And on Saturday’s show Rebecca, ex-girl friend of Seann was found in the Elstree studios in the audience who cheered on her partner performance Paso Doble.

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