Katie Price flashes cash on night out with new toyboy Alex Adderson after ‘introducing him to her kids’

Katie Price flashes cash on night out with new toyboy Alex Adderson after ‘introducing him to her kids’

Katie Price, in August, may have may have narrowly avoided bankruptcy but today she didn’t have any difficulties to share out the news that she was having night out with her new tomboy and flashing the cash.

At Saturday early morning, she left a swanky London hotel as the ex-glamour model hold a roll of twenty pound notes.

Before heading to Annabel’s private members club until 2.30am, Katie and her boyfriend Alex Adderson were seen leaving the Mayfair Hotel in Central London.

Katie wore a lacy silk mini dress with a long boots upto her thigh and a leather jacket where Alex was wearing shining blue suit and loafers.

Despite dating for only two months, Katie jump into huge step with new man in her life. Also, she has introduce her children to Alex and also shares with Kieran Kayler (her third husband).

She said her forth and fifth child ( Jett and Bunny) to met Alex at his sleepovers at Katie’s rundown Sussex mansion where other three children were have been told he is just a friend.

According to source The sun Online, “Alex is very much a part of Katie’s life.”

She loves to introduce her love to friend so she did. She has introduce her new man to her friends circle.

Alex has bought a brand new £63,000 Range Rover for Katie which reflects his love and appreciation towards Katie. Last week, Katie had a trip with her kids where she have done shopping and enjoyed a lot.

Last week, when she was on the way to attend her close friend Abigail Scott’s wedding, she took a break from rehab and seen going on her new set of wheels.

Katie Price who is 40 years old has been suffering from PSTD. Last moth she began rehabilitation treatment at The Priory. But also she is filming new series of her reality show ‘My Crazy Life’ despite her sadness.

According to source, ” Everyone wants and hope for Katie’s good health.” But despite sorrow, is the on the way to film new episodes.

According to Quest Red, ” My Crazy Life new series has not been confirmed yet but has finished airing in August.”

And Katie has been contacted by Mirror Online for the comment.

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