Denise Richards Engaged With Her Boyfriend, Aaron Phypers

Denise Richards Engaged With Her Boyfriend, Aaron Phypers

It’s been reported that American actress and former fashion model, Denise Richards is engaged with her boyfriend, Aaron Phypers.

A source told The People about their engagement,

“Aaron and Denise just got engaged and would love to be married sooner than later now that his divorce is finally in his past. The engagement has been a long time coming. He moved on from his past relationship a long time ago, and marrying Denise is a welcome new chapter for both of them in different but equally significant ways. The two of them are very happy and have settled into life with one another, so now they’re pretty focused on getting this very intimate ceremony off the ground. They’re just ready to start their married life together.”

The source added,

“He’s on board with the drama that the show might bring, and Denise is a total pro with this. She’s done it before and knows how to navigate life on and off camera even when the show gets blurred with reality. He seems to care for her in a real way and is up for whatever she throws at him and vice versa. They’re a good team.”

The source explained,

“Denise and Aaron just want a small group of people to be at the wedding, really just their inner circle. They’ve both done this before and this time just want to exchange vows in front of the people who are most important.”

Phypors was already a married guy who divorced his former wife, Nicollette Sheridan. They have been in marriage relationship just for 6 months and got separated afterwards.

Richards frequently shares her fiance photo. She also shared a photo of Aaron last month. In the photo, he can be seen sleeping shirtless in bed.

She captioned the photo, “No words… I’m sorry I am a lucky bitch🤪 @aaronwilliamcameron #maybenotappropriatetopost #whatever #sleepingbeauty #hopehesnotpissed”

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