Demi Lovato’s Family is Planning to get her into Rehab

Demi Lovato’s Family is Planning to get her into Rehab

The 25 year old Pop singer’s Family are making some plans to get her into Rehab after she was hospitalized on Tuesday due to a drug overdose.

It is learned by ecelebrityvogue that Demi Lovato is recovering day by day and her families are grateful that she came out of death. Her family has realized about her luckiness to be alive from which she got her second chance of life.

So, the singer family and friends wants her to return back to the rehabilitation center. A source reports,”Demi is recovering and her loved ones are so incredibly thankful she has pulled through. They know how lucky she is to be alive and are relieved she’s getting another chance.”

The source adds,” She is a fighter and has beat this in the past, so they know she can live a clean and sober life again. Her mother is by her side. This is a very serious matter, and it seems like most of the people who witnessed her drug use and/or participated are now nowhere to be seen. She was dating someone who her family didn’t approve of and they wanted her to stay far away from him, but she believes she can make her own decisions about who she hangs out with and who she dates.”

The source reports that her family and friends have fear that the Pop Star has been hanging with the company who supports or drug habit which may create dangerous situation further in the future. But, in this situation her family want her to keep away from the people who support her drug habit.

The source further added that she requires a very safe place to be heeled from the drug addiction. Her family is now planning for her immediate help.

It has been years since the singer is the victim of addiction, mental sickness and disorder. Back in 2010, she had undergone the treatment for bulimia, bipolar disorder, self-harm and addiction as she first entered rehab at the age of 18. She was back on with normal life after the treatment was done for a year.

But the sources say that she has never came back from her private pain and was fighting depression and anxiety and was not sober completely for six years.



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