Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Reportedly Had Their Private Wedding in Atascadero, Calif.

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Reportedly Had Their Private Wedding in Atascadero, Calif.

It is reported by various sources that the American actress and environmental activist, Daryl Hannah and the Canadian singer, Neil Young have got married on Saturday. The wedding was reported to be private as it was done in front of their loved ones in Atascadero, California.

Most of the actress and the musician’s fan had some clue of their marriage after many people congratulated for their wedding in Twitter. At the same time, Daryl Hannah also shared a photo of an owl on Instagram captioning it, “someone’s watching over us…. love & only love”

someone’s watching over us…. love & only love

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It’s been reported by ‘Page Six’ that the Canadian Singer, Joni Mitchell and American Singer, Stephen Stills also joined the private wedding ceremony of the newly married couple. There were only about 100 loved guests of the couple. The couple also distributed a token of love for their marriage to all the guests. The token was heart shaped lockets in which there were the photos of the couple.

But the couple haven’t yet officially revealed anything about it. The singer and the actress’s romance had came over media in 2014 after when they were seen walking with pleasure and romance in Westlake of California. They were in publicity after Young filed divorce to his ex-wife Pegi Young. He was in marriage relationship with Pegi for 36 years.

They are not only a romantic couple but they are also collaborators as in 2017, Hannah and Young both brought up “Paradox” in which Hannah was a director and Young was an actor there.

At the time of it’s premiere held by Southwest Festival, Young said about Hannah, “She says I’m unruly, and I think she’s too tough. But aside from that, we’re great…”

“We’re pretty real. As artists, we support each other and understand, because we both have an element of fame. We understand what that means,” he jokingly said.




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