Chris Patt and Anna Faris Reunite After Their Split 1 Year Before

Chris Patt and Anna Faris Reunite After Their Split 1 Year Before

The couple had gave some shock to the fans last year when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced the break up of the 8 years of longtime marriage relationship between them. But now The Hollywood actor and actress had continued to co-parent their son named Jack.

Now Both actor and actress are on terms to co-parent him and reunite for son’s sake. In August 29, Tuesday, they were spotted together out on walk and they were also found enjoying the morning in Santa Monica of California like a happy couple with their son on Monday.

Anna was spotted in casual dress with a plain white open-neck T-shirt, googles and a cap and Chris was seen wearing shorts with half sleeved checked shirt and gray cap. Previously, Anna told about their relationship to Sirius Xm, “We have a great friendship, we really do and we always have. And it’s always tough to envision your future as one thing, but I think there is a lot of love.”

It means that though there had been some problems which led them to quit the relationship but there seems respect friendliness and love too.

Anna has been relationship with her boyfriend, Michael Barrett while Chris was reportedly dating and hanging out with Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Once she shared about her love affair with Chris, “I think it’s a lesson learned a little bit in terms of keeping relationships a little more private, potentially, even though I pride myself on being a pretty open person. But, I don’t know, it’s tough when you’re under the scrutiny. I think it means valuing yourself. I was such an insecure kid that if anybody remotely attracted liked me I was just completely smitten. Like, I can’t believe the popular guy likes me.”

She added, “I think my mom was always trying to reiterate… Value yourself, value yourself. We talk about that on the podcast a lot, about how women tend to not have strong egos as men and don’t really prioritize themselves.”

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